Shiny App: StackOverflow WordCloud

Who answers what on Stack Overflow?

Here’s a little Shiny App I made that takes a Stack-Overflow User ID, finds out what subjects (tags) they answer about on Stack Overflow, and creates a wordcloud of their most frequent tags.

The source code can be found here.

It uses

  • the stackr package for accessing the Stack Exchange API;
  • and the CRAN package wordcloud for drawing the image.

The default image is my own wordcloud, and given the dominance of ‘r’, ‘python’, ‘snakemake’ and ‘conda’ reflects my data analysis / bioinformatics life.

I suspect it would be a very different image if the word sizes were proportional to a ratio of my answer count and the global answer count for each tag, since for example, I probably answer far more niche lintr questions than the average user.

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